Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cloverfield Widget Contest

Check out this exclusive footage, and grab the widget to put on your site. We can both win prizes from the Cloverfield production company.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Slusho! Commercial Contest

You can now enter the contest on the Slusho! site. Create a commercial for Slusho! Here's their example:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cloverfield Movie Updates are....HUGE!

The puppet masters behind the Cloverfield movie have created an amazing situation, where the line between art and life are blurred. They have built sites, characters, and events to give a sense of real events happening in real time. It is an unfolding backstory for the movie, but it also draws pre-launch fans into the action. There are two worlds, the Cloverfield movie world and our reality, and in both of them key events are taking place on 1-18-08.

Here's a list to catch up with changes in the 'campaign':
(Note - much of this first came to my attention by the great investigative work at Unfiction, and the up to the minute reporting at Cloverfield Clues and

9/29--New Picture with New Clue
A new picture showed up on the site, of a Japanese cook. When you flipped the picture over with your mouse, there was a recipe in Japanese.

9/ Site Discovered
Translating the recipe lead fan (Mr. Toasty) to discover the site is the site for a global corporation, of which Slusho! is just one of their subsidiaries. Other companies they own include ParafFun!, Bold Futura, and Yoshida Medical Research (YMR).

Descriptions from their site:

ParafFun! Wax Distributors - One of the many byproducts of our Petroleum reservoir is paraffin wax, an alkane with dozens of handy uses in your day to day life!

"Bold Futura is the contractor sector of our company principally engaged in the conception, design, manufacture and integration of advanced technology products."

"YMR is a genetic research firm specializing in deep sea bioprospecting."

The Tagruato site also shows the locations of deep sea drilling operations they have, includeing the Chuai Station in the Atlantic, not too far from NYC.

11/21--Research Surfaces on Danger of Slusho!
The Tagruato site posted a press release denying claims that their Slusho! product could be dangerous, or at the least untested adequately for human consumption. The Tagruato release refers to a claim by the "Ravaille Research Center". More on this Tagruato release.

11/23--Tagruato Site Hacked
The Tagruato site appears to be "hacked" by an activist or activist group. They put up a single picture showing the CEO, Ganu Yoshida, with devil horns. The picture also has four sea creatures and a big wave. There were clues to the precise sea creatures depicted, and they were deciphered to be:
Tanner Crab
Irukandji Jellyfish
Dumbo Octopus
Ogre fish

(Note - this wasn't real life hackers, it was part of the movie campaign to make it look like the site was hacked. It's getting harder to tell the movie from reality, day by day.)

11/25--Product Gone Bad?
The phone message was changed at the Tagruato headquarters to the following:

"Thank you for calling Tagruato. Due to high call volumes, your call has been transferred to an automated answering service. If you have questions concerning our ParafFun recall, please leave a message, and one of our associates will find and support you as soon as possible."

11/27--Tagruato Sends out Slusho! Smilers!
bmoney999 at Unfiction points out that there's a new headline article on the Tagruato site. The article is a bit creepy, and seems to suggest Tagruato is using animal shelters are research laboratories for Slusho! See Slusho! story

11/27--Two More Articles on Tagruato Site
In the Investors News section of, there is an article about launching a satellite during a lightning storm, and another about Bold Futura hiring 100 of the world's top physics majors, with specialties such as ecosystems of deep sea crevices, teleportation, and new energy sources.
Both of the articles suggest that CEO Ganu is desparate to learn or do something, even taking risks and spending enormous amounts of money in a hurry.

11/28--Tagruato Site Hacked Again!
Everything looked the same, but it seems to have been a nudge from the movie puppet masters for fans to work harder to crack the clues viewable from the hack.

11/29--Secret Messages Sent to Fans in Slusho! Purchases
Fans at Unfiction, starting with Elaralas reported getting a torn piece of 'memo' on Tagruato stationery in her order of a Slusho! shirt. On the back of the memo was a handwritten and ominous message:
"The Chuai Station hides a dark
Good people have gone
Expect a further communication
in the near future."

-The Wistle Blower"

A group of fans (KOZMO, MrTOASTY, JULIA, BACON ARMY, and KOSMOPOL-- McPhearson) at Unfiction worked hard to translate the japanese on the memo. Here is the result of their Tagruato memo translation.

12/1--A Death at Tagruato Corp?
A new voice message at their corporate phone number has the following:
If you are calling regarding the Kazui Ichigawa memorial service, all seats have been filled, and registration is now closed.

12/2--Hack Clues Lead to New Site:
Eliss put the clues together from the Tagruato hacked page, and found a new site. By using the first letter of each of the creatures on the hack page, you get T.I.D.O, and there's a big wave in the picture too.
The site appears like that of an activist movement that wants to expose and stop the Tagruato Corporation. There's tons of new information about Tagruato on their site. The group calls itself Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre (The Warriors of Mother Earth). They are seem led by someone called the Le Bandit Vert (the Green Bandit).
One of the blog posts on the site talks about the death of Kazui Ichigawa. He was a top scientist for Tagruato, who suddently retired, and was then found dead with his family in an RV park. It sounds like he was on the run from Tagruato, and he murdered them, but that's my opinion.