Monday, April 7, 2008

Cloverfield DVD Commercial, Featurette, and Packaging!

There a new batch of videos on YouTube surrounding the Cloverfield DVD release, scheduled for April 22nd.

Here's the commercial running to promote the Cloverfield DVD:

Featurette from the Cloverfield DVD

This link is to a really cool Featurette from the DVD, where the director and creature designer discuss how they came up with the monster idea, the idea of it being a baby, etc. Hattip to Ed at Tagruato.blogspot for giving me a head's up!

No big surprises, but seems to be some of the extra filming of scenes there were cut out. Cloverfield outakes:

This vid shows off some of the Cloverfield DVD art:

This last one is just for fun. It's a collection of all the scenes with the Cloverfield monster in them. I gotta tell ya, every time I see it Hud's cracks me up. I know he sounds geeky, corny, but he does it so well.