Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cloverfield Baby Monster Details

Cloverfield baby monster art
At Den of Geeks, Sarah Dobbs has a lengthy and interesting interview with Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield (2008).

Two of the most intriguing sections are where Matt describes coming up with the physical aspects of the monster, as well as the psychology of the monster.

Regarding the nature of the Cloverfield monster, Reeves talks about creature-designer Neville Page's concept:
"The idea was that the creature would have some kind of evolutionary biological basis. It wouldn’t just be random things coming out of its arm or some weird thing. There are actually things that he (Page) designed that are part of the monster that we never got to use. He had these feeding tubes which were just wild - he would come up with these crazy ideas that were just amazing and very creepy. Within the course of the movie, we could only reveal certain aspects of it, so that never got released."

There was much speculation at Unfiction about 'tubes' hanging from the monster, so that seems confirmed. I'm wondering now how he 'feeds' with them.

The other key revelation had to do with the mental state of the monster:
So the secret that we had was that the monster was a baby. Having just been born it was going through separation anxiety and had no idea where its mother was and was freaking out and was in a completely foreign place, didn’t understand a thing and that that would be sending it into a kind of infantile rage. Which was very frightening, but the thing that was also frightening to me was the idea that not only was it going through an infantile rage but, because it was suffering from this separation anxiety, it was spooked. It was really afraid. And as the military started shooting at it, I started thinking, like if you were attacked by a swarm of bees for the first time, it wouldn’t necessarily kill you but you’d be terrified, you’d be like, "What are these things doing?!" And for me there’s nothing scarier than thinking of something that big that’s spooked. Like if you’re at the circus and suddenly the elephants are spooked, you don’t want to be anywhere near that, you’ll be crushed."

The plans for a sequel are all but confirmed, and amazingly there's a chance Matt could start on that right away as his very next film! There is speculation that in the sequel, the "baby monster's" parents would show up. Wow! Talk about anticipation, that would be very interesting to see them bring even larger monsters into the situation. And you know how moms and dads can get, they wouldn't be spooked, they'd be VERY UPSET and protective of their baby. Rut Ro!

(poster of baby Cloverfield above created by quesoclove).

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Clem said...

Making the parents much bigger would be SOP, but there are real species that don't follow that pattern. One fish, the spiny eel, does most of its growing while in the earliest life stage; the mature fish are roughly the same length as the larvae. Some insects are larger as larvae than as adults. Our boy's parents could look as much like him as a beetle resembles a grub. Wouldn't put it past Neville Page to throw some crazy twists into the life- cycle.

The illustration of the sad baby is flippin' awesome.